Eliminate paperwork and duplicated information, reduce costly errors, increase safety and save money.

Less Stress

Stop stressing about paperwork, monitoring pilots and duty, tracking flights and revenue, trying to stay on top of all operations. FlightOffice takes all the stress away. 

Less Work

Work less by getting rid of paperwork and streamlining your operations. Life's so much easier because FlightOffice does all the work for you.

More Profit

Save money by eliminating paper and data-entry errors, and lowering operational costs. Increase revenue with more accurate billing, faster billing cycles and more time for customers. FlightOffice makes you more profitable.


Automated all-in-one system that's accurate and up-to-date—a single place to manage your entire operations using our web-based system and in-cockpit tablet.

Other systems force you to actively track and micro-manage everything which is no better than paper-based systems. FlightOffice manages things for you and alerts you when something needs your attention.

Information is shared across the system so that pilot's logbook and experience, the aircraft journey logbook, pilot's flight and duty, scheduling, crew records, and other items, are populated automatically.

Information is collected from a single entry point, checked for accuracy, and never duplicated. That data is then used to for accounting, maintenance, flight operations, records and other departments automatically.

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FlightOffice makes my life easier by letting me know when something needs my attention so that I can focus on my business and my customers instead of micro-managing every little detail. 

Mike Holcroft Co-owner & Chief Pilot - Access Heli